Latihan Ujian Toeic dan Toefl 2


    Welcome to your Latihan Ujian Toeic dan Toefl 2

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    Pertanyaan 21-25, Anda harus mengidentifikasi satu kata atau frase yang harus diperbaiki atau ditulis ulang agar menjadi jawaban yang paling tepat.

    21. The deputy officer was charged with looking at over the files to find other evidence of wrongdoing.
    22.  Initial we were very anxious to start the computer seminar, but we found it so difficult that we eventually withdrew.
    23. Marketing experts must thoroughly  understand the society, cultural and lifestyles of their  potential customers.
    24.  In the next future, Sunnydale Industries will be adopting a new quality control system.
    25. Infinity Software is offering substantial  savings on athletic footwear this month, but not all types are available in all shoes sizes.
    26. Orders increase dramatic during the past quarter, reflecting the growing popularity of the product.
    27. Communication satellites can be either launched by rockets and carried into space shuttles.
    28. Gone through the folders one by one, we were able to find the missing invoice in the storage drawer.
    29. All things considered, the inclement weathers this month hasn't significantly decreased productivity of the staff.
    30. Having been to Barcelona twice himself, Bob told us last week that aquatics sports

    are becoming increasingly popular there


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