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    Name Email
    24  Your email should be clear and concise. Sentences should be short and to the point. The purpose of the message should be outlined in the first paragraph and the body should contain all of the relevant information.
    26  Emails, even internal ones, should not be too informal – after all, they are written forms of communication. Use your spell-check and avoid slang.

    23 If you need to email someone about several different issues, write a separate email for each subject. This allows the recipient to reply to each one individually in a timely manner. For instance, one subject might be dealt with quickly while another could involve some research. If you have several related points, put them all in the same email but present each point in a numbered or bulleted paragraph.

    25  Be sure to include a ‘call to action’ – a phone call or a follow-up appointment perhaps. To ensure a prompt reply, incorporate your contact information – name, title, company, phone/fax numbers or extensions, even your business address if necessary. Even internal messages must have contact information
    Cara pengisian Pertanyaan 22 - 27 semua soal bernilai 1 point

    Teks di halaman berikutnya memiliki enam bagian, A – F. Pilih judul yang benar untuk setiap bagian, A – F,

    dari daftar judul di bawah ini :

    i Written communication
    ii Clarity
    iii Style
    iv Research
    v End of message
    vi One point per email
    vii Relevance
    viii Specify the response you want
    ix The subject line
    x Internal emails

    pilih nomor yang benar  i – x   , dalam kotak 22 - 27 pada soal di bawah ini.

    Petunjuk :

    Follow these simple rules to make a positive
    impression and get an appropriate response.

    22  Like a headline in a newspaper: it should grab the recipient’s attention and specify what the message is about – use a few well chosen words. If the email is one of a series e.g. a weekly newsletter, include the date in the subject line. Never leave it blank.
    27 Only use this technique for very short messages or reminders where all the relevant information can fit in the subject line. Write EOM at the end of the line to indicate that the recipient doesn’t have to open the email.


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