Materi soal recounts dan pembahasan online

Penjelasan Recount

Recount adalah salah satu jenis teks yang mempunyai arti menceritakan kembali kejadian yang terjadi di masa lalu melalui serangkaian kejadian.

Berbagai macam recount

Personal recount

  1.  Orientation
    who were involved in the story, when, and where (yang terlibat dalam cerita, kapan, dan di mana).
  2. Events
    tell what happened in a chronological order (beri tahu apa yang terjadi dalam urutan kronologis).
  3. Evaluation
    comments of the writer/speaker about the experience (komentar dari penulis / pembicara tentang pengalaman).
  4. Reorientation (optional)
    The conclusion of the experience (Kesimpulan dari pengalaman)

Factual Recounts

  1. Orientation
    who were involved in the story, when, and where (yang terlibat dalam cerita, kapan, dan di mana)
  2. Events
    tell what happened in a chronological order (beri tahu apa yang terjadi dalam urutan kronologis)

latihan soal nya :

An Excursion to Bogor Botanic Garden
All right, everybody, I’ll tell you about this great place.
On Friday 16 March we went to Bogor Botanic Garden. We went there by bus and we arrived at that famous garden at 10 o’clock.
Arriving at the garden, we were divided into two groups. Group A followed Mrs. Nina and Group B followed Mr. Ahmad. I was in group A. Well, first we went to odd tropical plants and Mrs. Nina read us some of the information. Then, we looked at all the lovely plants. After that, we went to a little spot near the Raffles cemetery and had morning tea. Next, we did some sketching and then we met group B at the information center to have our lunch.
Soon, it was time for us to go to the orchid section while Group B did some research on flowers. Uhm…A lady led us to the orchid section. Then, she explained about many kinds of Orchids.
Next, we had a look at the Indonesian orchid. Wow, we saw many kinds of Indonesian orchids. They were all beautiful. Later, we took a look at the American, European and Asian orchid’s section. I was interesting. Soon after we had finished our observations, we went back outside and met group B. Then, we got on the bus and returned to school. We really enjoyed the trip and to Bogor Botanic Garden.

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jawab sesuai dengan informasi di atas.

Welcome to your latihan recounts online dan jawaban

Name Email

What is an excursion?

When and how did they go to Bogor Botanic Garden?

What time did they arrive at Bogor Botanic Garden?

What group did the writer follow and who was the leader?

…………….. to the odd tropical plants.

………….. at all lovely plants.

……….. we had morning tea.

………….. sketching.

Then we went to …………… Finally

Greetings and leave-taking (Salam dan berhenti)
Formal greeting (Salam resmi)

  • Good morning (until about lunch time, or before 12 a.m.)
  • Good afternoon (12-6 p.m.)
  • Good evening (until about 9 p.m)
  • Good morning, Sir.

Informal greeting: Initial greeting (Sambutan informal: Sambutan awal)

  • Hi, Lizzy! • How are you?
  • Morning, Jim! • How’s it going?
  • Hello. • How’s life?

Responding to initial greetings: Pre-closing (Menanggapi salam awal: Pra-penutupan)

  • Very well, thank you and how are you? • OK then …..
  • I’m good/okay/alright. • I’ve got to go now.
  • Very well, thank you. • So, I’ll see you next week.
  • Oh, pretty good. • I think I’d better be going now.
  • Not too bad, thanks. • Well, it’s time for me to leave.
  • Excellent. • I must be going home.

Closing/leave taking (menutup/ menutup pembicaraan)

  • Goodbye (formal/informal).
  • Bye-bye; Bye; Bye now; See you. Take care.
  • See you later — Fine
  • See you son — OK
  •  See you tonight — All right
  • Good night (after 8 p.m. or retiring to bed)

Expressing feelings (Mengungkapkan perasaan)

Expressing happiness : Formal (Mengungkapkan kebahagiaan secara formal)

  • Oh, I ‘m so happy.
  • I can’t say how pleased I am.
  • I had a splendid time there.
  • What a marvelous place I’ve ever seen.
  • It’s an outstanding adventure.
  • It’s an interesting experience.
  • It’s a sensational trip.
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Expressing happiness (Mengekspresikan kebahagiaan)

  • Great!
  • Exciting!
  • Fantastic!
  • Super
  • Terrific!
  • Smashing! (British English)
  • Hey, that’s terrific/great.

Expressing boredom: Formal (Mengekspresikan kebosanan) |  Expressing boredom: Informal

• I think it was boring holiday.                                                                • It’s totally boring.
• It sounds boring.                                                                                     • The film was awful boring.
• It’s totally/awfully boring.                                                                     • How boring!
• I’m rather bored.                                                                                      • How unexciting!
• How boring!                                                                                              • I’m fed up with all your grumbling!
• I don’t think the trip was very interesting.                                                         • Dull.
• I’m fed up with it.                                                                                     • Not interesting.

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Expressing disappointment: Formal (Mengekspresikan kekecewaan) | Expressing disappointment: Informal

• That’s very disappointing.                                                                                                     • Oh, no!
• I must say I’m really disappointed.                                                                                     • That’s too bad.
• It’s a great disappointment.                                                                                                  • That’s a real shame/pity.
• That’s too bad.                                                                                                                          • Bad luck

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