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Penjelasan materi narratives

Purpose : To amuse or entertain the readers with actual or imaginary experiences in difference ways. Narratives always deal with some problems which lead to the climax and then turn into a solution to the problem.
Text Organization

Orientation (who were involved in the story, when and where)
Complication (a problem arises followed by other problems)
Resolution (solution to the problem)
Fairy tales, fables, myths, tall tales belong to narratives.


Asking for and showing attention (formal)

Asking for attention (formal)

  • Excuse me, I wonder if I could trouble you.
  • May I have you attention, please?
  • Excuse me,
  • Sorry to trouble you.
  • Sorry to bother you.

Asking for attention (informal)

  • Look at me!
  • Look what I’ve got here.
  • Look here.
  • Look!
  • Hey!
  • Attention, please!
  • Excuse me!

Showing attention:

  • I see. • Tell me more about it.
  • Oh, yes. • Really?
  • Mmm …. • What’s next?
  • Aha …. • Is that all?
  • How interesting! • Oh, no!


Latihan soal berikut mewakili materi yang di pelajari.

latihan soal narratives dan pembahasan online

ini naskah unuk menjawab soal 1 – 5 

The Legend of Minos, King of Crete
Once upon a time there lived a very famous king. He had a monster which was half bull and half man. He ordered Daedalus, a craftsman from Athens, to build a labyrinth in order to house the monster. When Daedolus finished his work, he wanted to leave Crete. But the king would not let him go.
Daedalus escaped through the air by using wings fixed to his body with wax. He also made wings for his son, Icarus and made him fly behind himself. But the son was so glad and excited that he soon went too high. As he flew nearer to the Sun, it got warmer and warmer until at last the wax melted and his body fell down into the sea near Troy. The sea is now called the Icarian Sea.

Who was Daedalus?
What happened to him?
How did Daedalus escape from the king?
Who was Icarus? What happened to him?
Do you like the story? Why/why not?

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