Latihan Tes ujian Reading Toeic dan Toefl online

Latihan cepat dalam mengerjakan soal reading toeic dan toefl

tes online dengan menggunakan web sebagai media dalam pembelajaran secara baik karena di buat dengan menggunakan sumber terpercaya dari soal-soal inggris internasional.

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aplikasi psikotes Reading Toeic dan Toefl online versi website  di buat untuk memudah kan anda dalam melatih psikotes yang berasal dari berbagai sumber hasil rangkuman.

Welcome to your Latihan Ujian Toeic dan Toefl 3

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Pertanyaan 31 -32 mengacu pada iklan baris berikut.


A major regional home builder, is looking for a marketing professional who is highly energetic and has a team player attitude to develop and implement marketing and sales programs. This is a highly visible position which reports directly to the president. The individual will oversee merchandising and marketing in several states. A minimum of six years’ experience in a similar position is required. Send resume and salary requirements to:

Human Resources

Narragansett Homes, Inc.

2321 Rightward Road

Marlboro,  NV 55461

31.  What kind of employee are they looking for?

32.   In what area should the person be experienced?

Pertanyaan 33-35 mengacu pada artikel berikut

There are two companies hoping to be selected as the builders of the new international terminal at Singapore Airport in Changi. Both have been given approval to begin feasibility studies for the project. The State Board for Project Evaluation has selected Great Britain’s Dar Handash and Germany’s Dywidag Euromill to conduct the studies. Pending the completion of the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore’s financial analysis of the project, a decision could be reached as early as September.

  1. What is the topic of the article?

INFO BARU :  Contoh soal inggris toeic/toefel reading dan jawaban lengkap

34.  When can a decision be made?

35.  What is Dar Handash going to do?

Pertanyaan 36-38 mengacu pada bedah buku berikut


Race Track Reviews not only gives insight into what’s under the hood of the winning cars but also who’s behind the wheel. This collection of twenty-six biographical sketches is both informative and entertaining. For the more serious racer, Mueller includes in-depth coverage of the only car to break the sound barrier, as well as a battery of illustrations revealing the effects on the body of the car. It is noteworthy that the author has taken steps to minimize the use of technical jargon, making the subject more inviting to lay readers.

  1. Who would most likely buy this publication?

37.  What information is in this book?

38.  How has the author broadened the book’s appeal?

Pertanyaan 39-40 mengacu pada bedah buku berikut


For my records, the Jefferson Company will send an invoice (and payment coupons) along with my order that will indicate the cash price, shipping and handling, amount financed, total sale price (total payments), finance and charge, and annual percentage rate for each item. It will also indicate the number and amount of monthly installments and the amount of sales tax, where applicable. The four-dollar shipping and handling charge and any express shipping charges or sales tax are to be paid with the first installment.

  1. What will the person receive from Jefferson Company?

INFO BARU :  Kriteria Penjadwalan Cpu dan Proses nya

40.  When will the buyer pay?


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