Contoh soal inggris toeic/toefel listening comprehension PART 4


Contoh soal inggris toeic/toefel listening comprehension PART 4Aturan tes di bagian ini Anda akan mendengar beberapa pembicaraan singkat. Masing-masing akan diucapkan hanya satu kali. Mereka tidak akan tercetak di buku uji Anda, jadi Anda harus mendengarkan dengan saksama untuk memahami dan mengingat apa yang dikatakan. Dalam buku uji tes anda akan membaca dua atau lebih pertanyaan tentang setiap pembicaraan singkat. Pertanyaan akan di ikuti dengan empat jawaban. kamu harus memilih jawaban terbaik untuk setiap pertanyaan dan menandainya di lembar jawaban Anda.

ini audio soal nya harap belajar sambil mendengarkan audio untuk pembelajaran bahasa inggris toeic/toefl secara lengkap dan mudah.


81. Who is the announcement specifically addressed to?

(A) College students. (B) Factory workers. (C) The unemployed. (D) Potential investors.

82. What is being offered?

(A) Advice on colleges. (B) A course. (C) Venture capital. (D) Real estate.

83. What claim is made?

(A) That one will be able to retire early. (B) That one can become an independent contractor. (C) That one will become financially independent. (D) That one can earn money by investing it.

84. What is this report about?

(A) A complaint by Sharp Penny. (B) A stationery supply house order (C) A decision to automate the mailings. (D) A reserve account.

85. Who has probably written this report?

(A) An office manager. (B) A mail clerk. (C) A Sharp Penny sales rep. (D) An office clerk.

86. What is being offered at no charge?

(A) Training for workers. (B) Machine maintenance. (C) A half month’s rental. (D) One month’s stationery supply.

87. What is known about Stanley Lake?

(A) He is a shareholder at the Follenworth Company. (B) He prefers to keep to himself. (C) He is a door-to-door salesman. (D) He is an author.

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88. Who is the speaker most likely addressing?

(A) Book buyers. (B) Vice presidents. (C) Airport security personnel. (D) The marketing staff.

89. Who is most likely to read this notice?

(A) Bike manufacturers. (B) Transportation authorities. (C) Bicyclists. (D) Bus drivers.

90. What is the purpose of this notice?

(A) To promote healthier lifestyles. (B) To announce the new bike program. (C) To sell exercise bikes. (D) To announce a new bus schedule.

91. How might the bus operator offer assistance?

(A) By opening the rack. (B) By storing any air pumps in the bus. (C) By lifting the bike onto the supports. (D) By answering questions.

92. With whom has Myanmar united?

(A) The European Union. (B) The U.S. (C) The opponents of the SLORC party. (D) The ASEAN.

93. What is the response of the U.S. and the European Union?

(A) Enthusiasm. (B) Approval. (C) Resignation. (D) Opposition.

94. What has Myanmar Shipyards been hired to do?

(A) To serve as an administrator for the Singapore office. (B) To build cargo ships. (C) To inspect Jaya Marine Lines International. (D) To negotiate contracts with foreign shipping companies.

95. Who is most likely speaking?

(A) A car manufacturer. (B) A construction foreman. (C) A tour guide. (D) A safety inspector.

96. What is the main point of his message?

(A) That the market in Venezuela needs more attention. (B) That four-doors are more popular than mini-vans. (C) That business in Brazil is doing well. (D) That South America has excellent markets.

97. Why was Mr. Carreras mentioned?

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(A) To tell the listeners who was handling personnel changes. (B) To indicate who had called for stricter safety measures. (C) To acknowledge the contribution he has made. (D) To let the employees know who the new boss is.

98. What is being advertised?

(A) Real estate. (B) Construction materials and plans. (C) Home owner’s insurance. (D) Free energy conservation audits.

99. Which selling point is emphasized?

(A) Its aesthetic value. (B) Its affordability. (C) The ease of assembly. (D) The array of color options.

100. How can the reader find out more?

(A) By visiting Home Oome Builders. (B) By ordering a color video. (C) By viewing other homes in the neighborhood. (D) By ordering a free brochure. This is the end of the Listening Comprehension portion of Practice Test One. Turn to Part V in your test book.


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