Contoh penjelasan soal reading Toeic/toefl


contoh penjelasan soal reading Toeic/toefl

Penjelasan soal reading Toeic/toefl ini sangat mudah

Apabila kita sudah mengerti dasar dalam menulis bahasa inggris sehingga kita dapat membaca secara benar dan dapat mengerjakan soal toeic/ toefl secara mudah.

contoh soal reading toeic/toefl

If we had seen the demand in advance, we surely on ….. the cookbook.
(A) would stock up (B) have stocked up (C) had stocked up (D) would have stocked up

Most of the time in Indonesia was spent ….. relatives.
(A) to visit (B) visiting (C) going visiting (D) go to visit

My broker advised me to invest in secured bonds before ….. in the stock market.
(A) invested (B) investing (C) investment (D) I will invest
It goes without ….. that you’ll be paid for all this extra time you’re spending on the project.
(A) telling (B) saying (C) repeating (D) regarding

The businessmen discussed the contract at length but never actually signed ….. .
(A) anything (B) anyone (C) another (D) anyway
106. The worldwide low inflation rate is expected to continue ….. .
(A) at a fast pace (B) for a long time (C) in a decline (D) throughout

The patient ….. examined by the doctor.
(A) were (B) is being (C) has (D) have been
The Argentineans are protecting their forests because the lumber is very valuable to …..
(A) they (B) ourselves (C) them (D) we
Travel agents advise early ….. , in order to avoid disappointment.
(A) buying (B) postponing (C) booking (D) canceling
The use of pesticides is having a ….. effect on the groundwater.
(A) devastate (B) devastating (C) devastated (D) devastation
Because of Lucille’s managerial skills, the family now has an ….. business.
(A) expanding (B) expend (C) expanse (D) expended
Just as the business was about to go under, he ….. the bid for the shopping mall construction.
(A) was winning (B) will win (C) had won (D) won
We have decided to ….. your income with a monthly bonus.
(A) implement (B) compliment (C) supplement (D) compartment
A study was done to determine the effect ….. the change in government policy has had on the small business sector.
(A) of (B) what (C) for (D) that
The air conditioner will have to be worked on ….. the office is in use.
(A) during (B) while (C) only (D) meanwhile

Your credit history shows that either several loan payments were late ….. the bank made a huge error in reporting them.
(A) and (B) but (C) nor (D) or
Another building will be ….. in the downtown area before you know it.
(A) demolished (B) demolishing (C) demolish (D) demolishes
The meeting is ….. over.
(A) much or little (B) here or there (C) more or less (D) to or from
We ….. the money to your money market account within three working days.
(A) have been transferred (B) will transfer (C) transferring (D) will be transferred
We are sending you what we have now and ….. the remainder as soon as it arrives.
(A) will have shipped (B) will ship (C) shipped (D) shipping
At election time, every speech is calculated to win …..
(A) preferences (B) wishes (C) votes (D) choices
Although most people are ….. than I am, they are not as healthy or wise.
(A) wealth (B) wealthy (C) wealthily (D) wealthier
Constance breathed a sigh ….. relief when she heard that her loan was approved.
(A) to (B) for (C) by (D) of
Good management ….. to the employees.
(A) will be listened (B) are listening (C) listens (D) listen
The newly discovered ore is being extracted by ….. of a huge robotic arm.
(A) mean (B) means (C) meant (D) meanings
When the computer analyst realized what a ….. task it was, he immediately added two more staff to the project.
(A) precise (B) superfluous (C) short (D) formidable
I spoke with the real estate agent who told me that the office space would cost $225 ….. square foot.
(A) for (B) In (C) per (D) at
The human resources department is ….. for the hiring and care of our personnel.
(A) respondent (B) responsive (C) responding (D) responsible
The air conditioning unit ….. for hours by the time you arrive.
(A) will have been running (B) shall run (C) will be running (D) will run
We were having so much fun on the ship we were ….. to disembark at our destination.
(A) reluctant (B) doubtful (C) refusing (D) hesitant
The appeal of this training approach is that the students find ….. which management style work best for them.
(A) out (B) up (C) about (D) on
While you set up the display at the ….. of the store, I’ll unpack the rest of the goods.
(A) prominence (B) forward (C) ahead (D) front
Mrs. Choor has managed the department so well that she’ll be up for a ….. promotion than she expected.
(A) big (B) bigger (C) more (D) most
We would like to ….. a teleconference with your public relations office regarding the upcoming merger.
(A) transact (B) install (C) perform (D) arrange
We knew the economy was ….. a turning point when the interest rates started to fall.
(A) at (B) about (C) throughout (D) inside
We have been doing business with them since their …..
(A) incentive (B) inception (C) incision (D) incitement

The new clerk wasn’t sure under which ….. he should file the purchasing documents.
(A) covering (B) level (C) rank (D) category
When Mrs. Graf sat down, she asked that the shades be pulled ….. because of the bright sunlight.
(A) below (B) off (C) down (D) up
By ….. what the public liked and didn’t like, we were able to fine-tune our ads.
(A) sighting (B) focusing (C) predicting (D) pinpointing
We ….. with the prime minister for dinner at the Simsbury Hotel tonight.
(A) are meeting (B) have been met (C) were met (D) will be met
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