Belajar percakapan dalam bahasa inggris dan Error Recognition lengkap


Penjelasan dalam mengidentifikasi kata atau frase dalam bahasa inggris sangat sulit apabila kita belum tebiasa menggunakan bahasa inggris . saya akan mengajar kan bagaimana cara membaca bahasa inggris yang benar dengan tutorial dan contoh soal intenasional yang selalu di ujikan di soal tese toeic dan toefl.

Contoh penjelasan Error Recognition lengkap

Belajar percakapan dalam bahasa inggris dengan mudah

To be Diikuti V+ing contoh penggunaan I am doing my homework.
Article (a, an, the) Diikuti noun contoh penggunaan The company is big.
Vs Didahului oleh Singular Subject contoh penggunaan My father works in a bank.
V1 Didahului oleh Plural Subject +I  contoh penggunaanThey go to school everyday.
V2 Kalimat harus berada dalam past tense contoh penggunaan Yesterday I went to my teacher’s home
V3 Didahului oleh to be contoh penggunaan The work is done.
V3 Didahului oleh have, has, had contoh penggunaan We have worked since this morning.
Modal Diikuti oleh V1 contoh penggunaan We should go earlier.
Adjective Didahului oleh to be, tidak bisa berdiri sendiri contoh penggunaan The girl is beautiful.
Adjective Muncul sebelum noun, tidak bisa berdiri sendiri contoh penggunaan My father bought a new car.
Who, whom, whose (relative pronoun) Didahului oleh person contoh penggunaan The man who is wearing a hat is my uncle.
Who (relative pronoun) Diikuti oleh verb / to be contoh penggunaan The girl who works in that office is my sister.
Whom (relative pronoun) Diikuti oleh Subject Pronoun contoh penggunaan The person whom we met yesterday is a teacher.
Whose (relative pronoun) Diikuti oleh noun contoh penggunaan The woman whose eyes are beautiful is my girlfriend.
Which (relative pronoun) Didahului oleh Thing (benda mati) contoh penggunaan The table which is bought by my father is brown.
Gerund Didahului oleh kata kerja yang memicu munculnya gerund (contoh: enjoy, love, like, mind, finish, stop, etc.)
I love looking at your beautiful eyes.
Gerund Didahului oleh preposition (contoh: in, on, at, of, for, from, by, etc.) contoh penggunaan The government is very seriousin implementing the new policy.
Gerund Bisa berfungsi sebagai noun (sebagai subject / object)  contoh penggunaan Learning a new subject is sometimes difficult for the students.

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If clause type 1

Menggunakan V1/Vs dan is, am, are di klausa pertama, dan will / modal dalam bentuk pertama +V1 di klausa ke dua (klausa boleh dibalik) contoh penggunaan If I have time, I will see you tonight.
If clause type 2
Menggunakan V2 dan were di klausa pertama, dan would / modal di masa lampau +V1 di klausa ke dua (klausa boleh dibalik) contoh penggunaan If I were you, I would take the chance.
If clause type 3
Menggunakan had+V3/been di klausa pertama, dan would / modal di masa lampau +have + V3 di klausa ke dua (klausa boleh dibalik) contoh penggunaan I wouldn’t have been hungry if Ihad had my breakfast.
Positive comparison Menggunakan as ADJ as contoh penggunaan My score is as good as yours.
Comparative comparison Diikuti oleh than contoh penggunaan She is better than me in English.
Superlative comparison Didahului oleh the contoh penggunaan She is the best student in my class.

Contoh soal ujian reading error recognition


All employee are required to wear their identification badges while at work.
All empAoyee are required toB wear their ideCntification badgDes while at

The underlined word “employee” is not correct in this sentence. This sentence should read, “All employees are required to wear their identification badges while at work” Therefore, you should choose answer (A).

Now begin work on the questions.

141. As your old one, this new copier can collate and staple the copies in half the time.
All empAoyee are required toB wear their ideCntification badgDes while at

142. The museum is taking measures to protect its paintings from the damaging effects of pollutions and utra-violet rays,
All emxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxpAoyee are requirexxxxxxxxxxd toB wear thexxxxxxxxxxxxxir ideCntification bwhile at
which are getting worse and worse with each passing year.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxcation badgDes while at

143. After reviewing our finances, we decided reduce spending in all departments except marketing.
All emxxxpAoyee are rexxxxxxquired toB weideCntificationxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx badgDes while at

144. Mrs. Barrett, acting as her attorney, defended Mr. Stevenson in a very determined fashion.
All exxxxxxxxxxxxxxmpAoyee are required oB wexxxxxar their ideCntificn badgDes while at

145. To make out the lost time, we booked a direct flight from California to New York.
All emxxxxpAoyee are requirexxxx xtoB wearideCntification bxxxxxxadgDes while at

146.One evening, in a restaurant in Madrid, we were entertained by several dramatics flamenco dancers.
All emxpAoyee are required txxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxoB wear tCntifican badgDes while at

147. The plane had to fly over above the city for an hour before getting permission to land.
Alxxxxxxxxl empAoyee are reB wear their idexxxCntification badgDes while at

148. The Commission surprised investors by reversing its ruling and freezes all monies in the disputed accounts.
All emxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxpAoyee areired toB wear xtheir ideCntificatdgDes while at

149. Since the appliance sales have shot up any, we’re going to continue with the marketing plan we’ve been using since the very start.
All emxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxpAoyee areiredxxxxxxxx toB wear xtheir idexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxCntificxxxxxxxxxxxatdgDes while at

150. After downsizing the company, the executives realized that had much more furniture than they needed.
AllxxpAoyee arxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx eired toB wear xthexxxxxxxxxxxxxir ideCntificatdgDes while at

151. When we go on vacation, we prefer swim and active sports to sightseeing and lying on the beach.
All emxxxxxxxxxxxxxpAoyee areiredxxx toB wear xthxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxeir ideCntificaxxxtdgDes while at

152. The shareholders were upset that there weren’t some dividends paid out in the last two quarters.
xxxxxxxxxxxpAoyee areixxxxred toB wearx xtheir ideCntifixxxxxxcatdgDes while at

153. Before to go elsewhere for new staff, we always try to hire in house.
xxxxxxxxxxxpAoyee arxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxeired toBtheir ideCncatdgDes while at

154. Because it was structurally unsafe and too expensive to repair, the 75 years old building had to be demolished.
All emxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxpAoyee areired toB wear xtheirxxxxxxxxxxxxx ideCntifixxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxcatdgDes while at

155. This summer, the consumer protection agency are advising consumers to read instructions carefully before using any outdoor cooking equipment.
All emxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxpAoyeexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx areired toB weir ideCntificxxxxxxxxxxxxatdgDes while at

156. I’ve looked at several records in your file and many documents still don’t have your new marriage name.
xxxxxxxxxpAoyee areired xxxxxxxxxxxxxtoB wear xxxxxxxxtheir ideCntificatdxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxgDes while at

157. Ecologists feared the American eagle might be near extinction as there were so few sights of them in the last decade.
All emxxxxxxxxxpAoyee areirxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxed toB wear xxxxxxxxxxxxxxtheir ideCntificaxxxxxxxxxxxxtdgDes while at

158. Standard Tires have agreed to fund any further research into the manufacture of latex.
All emxxxxxxxxxxxxpAoyee ired toB wear xtxxxxheir ideCntifxxxxxxxicatdgDes while at

159. If the zoning changed, we will be able to purchase the building down the street and redesign it.
All emxxxxxxpAoyee arexxxired toB wearxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xtheir ideCntifixxxxxxcatdgDes while at

160. The factory let go of many its employees because it had automated so many operations.
All emxxxxpAoyeexxxxx areired toB wexxxxxxxxxar xtheir ideCntifixxxcatdgDes while at

Anda dapat mempelajari hal yan lain nya untuk membantu dalam proses pembelajaran bahasa inggris secara mudah beserta penjelasan nya seperti di bawah ini  :

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